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British slang for a prostitute

british slang for a prostitute

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In summer it has a brown breast, brown back, white underwings, and grey head.
Short for "brass rubber" scrubber.
Pusher Girl friend Return to Top Q Queens shilling, the Bounty paid to a new recruit for joining the army.
Used in India until about 1920.Anorak A person weirdly interested in something.Strawberry Creams Breasts.Grippe Influenza (from French, seizure) god wallah Priest or chaplain goolie Testicle, late 19th century (Hindi gooli, a pellet) gorse see furze got the chuck fired from a job, discharged from a position, dismissed got the hump put out, annoyed, irritated.Fittums What a perfect fit!Zed We say zzzzzzz.

Half the time I think scriptwriters just make these.
E.g., We are all tiled in this mess.
A virulent contagious bacteria often found in rats.Cheroot Cigar (from Tamil, curuttu, roll.Easy Peasy Easy.Dogs Dinner Dressed Nicely.Kip place to sleep; Bed (Danish kippecheap tavern) kipping sleeping knut an idle upper-class man-about-town bestil en escort kopje Afrikaans word for a small hill, especially one with steep sides Return to Top L liberty-men Sailors on shore leave.First used in the 1880s.Brian peacock, Cricklewood Britain The origin of the term "bird" for a female began in medieval times when a Bishop of the day allowed some women of easy virtue to ply their trade in a newly opened City of London bathhouse; they became known.According to the.E.D of, slang, it comes from Australia, is applied to women from the obsolete 'Tom-tart rhyming slang for sweetheart.E.g., He tumbled to the truth of the matter.A, b C, d E,.

Kip Sleep or nap.
(Old French, diminutive of brief letter) brick good sort, good sport brolly Umbrella, circa 1873 broomsquire a professional broom maker buck a dandy, a smartly dressed or handsome individual buffer old man, old codger bunk to tell someone angrily to go awayscram!; to dash.
Shambles bad shape/plan gone wrong.